Protesting refugees who had occupied the railway tracks at Larissis station in Athens since early Friday morning demanding to be allowed to travel to northern Greece and then to the borders, departed on Friday afternoon and buses took refugees back to the reception centres.

“There is an effort underway to make these people understand that the promises and reassurances they were given are not true. They stand to lose more than they hope to gain. We are constantly informing them and they are already starting to withdraw,” said Miltiadis Klapas, General Secretary of the Migration Policy Ministry.

Trains leaving from Larissis station were cancelled on Friday and all those scheduled to travel were taken to their destinations by coach. The refugees that bought tickets to travel to northern Greece by train were reimbursed.

Among those hoping to travel were refugees that had already been granted asylum and are due to report to the reception facility that will house them in other parts of Greece but cannot travel due to the general prohibition.

Athens Suburban Railway (Proastiakos) services from Larissis station were not carried out.

Athens-Thessaloniki railway schedule resumes.

The evening train service of TrainOSE SA from Athens to Thessaloniki will depart as scheduled at 23:55 pm.

According to trade union sources, migrants who had occupied the railway lines since 10:00 a.m. have left the Larissa station in Athens.