MAFS contestant Martha Kalifatidis slammed for saying her parents financially support her


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30-year-old Greek Australian “Married At First Sight” contestant Martha Kalifatidis has been slammed by viewers after saying she doesn’t need to work as her parents financially support her and claims she has received death threats and is too scared to leave her house.

It comes after Martha was widely criticised on social media after she and fellow contestant Jessika Power said their parents give them money.

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"I'm not working, I'm not working, like my parents are supporting me," Martha said.

"I don't know how I keep getting money, dad's like, "Do you need $5,000?" and I'm like, "Yes, daddy!" said Jessica.

Martha also went on to reveal she would be wearing an expensive Prada outfit on the show, which had viewers even more furious.

Appearing on the Kyle and Jackie O radio show today, Martha said that while she did, in fact, say her parents were helping her financially, they only did this for a brief period of time.

Martha added that since being on television she has found it difficult to return to work and is scared for her safety.

“I said my parents have been supporting me in between the wrapping of filming and the Christmas break, which is true, they had. I couldn't go back to work for like two weeks over Christmas.”

“Guys, can we clear something up? Because the amount of messages that people are saying about me not working. That reunion was filmed during the Christmas break and I didn't go back to work and I don't rely on my parents," Martha told Jackie O.

“I'm not asking for money from anyone, I don't know why they care,” she added.

"I was freelancing and right now I don't just want to be turning up to people's houses. I just don't feel safe at the moment and I don't know who I can trust," she said.

Martha also said if she knew before the show what she knows now, she would have thought twice before becoming a contestant.

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