USA won’t take a slice of import duty on Greek Feta

Screen Shot 2019 04 11 at 1.01.44 pm

Screen Shot 2019 04 11 at 1.01.44 pm

Greece’s Agricultural Development & Foods Ministry announced on Wednesday that the US will not impose import duties on Greek Feta cheese. This follows the revocation of a previous US decision which would have seen an additional 9.6% levy on the product.

According to the Ministry’s announcement, the good news came through the US Customs and Border Protection (CBP) which notified the Greek embassy in Washington, following a query, that the intention of reclassifying customs duties on imported sheep-originating cheese to the United States would be revoked.

Agriculture Minister Stavros Arachovitis hailed the decision and said that "the protection of feta and, by extension, of Greek agriculture and production in general, is at the heart of our policy for an extroverted agricultural foods sector."

The ministry attributed the change to "coordinated action" by it, with the help of the Ministries of Foreign Affairs and Economy.


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