Greece’s Eleni Konstantinidis wins 2 Gold Medals at European Weightlifting Championship


Greece’s weightlifter Eleni Konstantinidis won two gold 
medals and a bronze medal in the 81kg category at the European 
Championship, which took place in Vathi, Georgia. 
The 24-year-old  is the daughter of veteran athlete Christos Konstantinidis, who is also her current coach, started her efforts in the 93 kilos snatch and continued successfully with a 97k performance that 
gave her the bronze medal.

Konstantinidis' main competitors were Nina Schroth from Germany and 
Anna Vanbellinghen from Belgium. Vanbellinghen won the snatch gold with 103, one kilo ahead of the German and six kilos up on the Greek. 

However, the tables were turned in the clean and jerks.
Schroth could only manage 120 and Vanbellinghen missed her second andthird attempts at 121 to fall out of contention for the gold. 

Konstantinidis hit all three lifts at 119, 124 and 126 to overtake 
the others for the total gold.