Yiasemi is the ideal spot in the Greek capital to grab yourself a nice cup of coffee and homemade dessert, then just sit back and watch the hundreds of people climbing up to reach the Acropolis hill.

Located on busy Mnisikleous, a pedestrian street with lots of steps in the Plaka area, this popular spot is filled with lots of cool cafés and restaurants.

There is a real buzz on this small strip, and character-filled Yiasemi cafe stands out as it has two separate indoor spaces, with seating available inside and out, making it very popular amongst locals in winter, summer, and everything in between!

There’s a fine selection of mezedes and other traditional Greek dishes that are made handmade by Yiayia, so you can rest assured all the savoury and sweets on offer taste amazing!

Locals and tourists love to grab their Greek coffee here and something sweet to accompany it, including homemade pies or their famous baklava, which is dripping with syrup!

Yiasemi now also offers a healthy vegetarian buffet breakfast, featuring fresh, local ingredients turned into homemade delicacies every morning on site.

And if you are wondering about the name ‘Yiasemi’ it is Greek for Jasmin, the sweet-smelling flower, whose white blossom shines even at midnight, as if to reflect the shining sea of the Aegean.

“My grandmother, was born in the middle of the Aegean archipelagos. It was she who taught me the savours and innumerable tastes of all plants that grow with so little water but are always immersed in light. It is from these fruits of nature that I derive my recipes, in the simple kitchen of my cafe, the taste I love to share,” says the owner.