A photo of a Greek mother holding up an umbrella during her son’s soccer match, which took place while it was raining, has gone viral.

The Greek mum held an umbrella up for the entire game in an attempt to protect her son from the rain as much as possible.

The scene on the football pitch brought to light the cliché, “A Greek mother does everything for her son.”

Giannis Panou normally plays the position of a midfielder for his team Kamena Vourla however on Sunday during his match against Parnassos Amfiklia he was required to stand in as goalkeeper and had his mum by his side the entire game.

The “protective” mother of the experienced footballer was there for the 90 minutes and in her attempt to keep her son dry, she held an umbrella to cover him from the rain when the ball was on the other half of the pitch.

The photo was uploaded by the soccer player himself on social media and, as expected, it immediately went viral.

*Source: lamiaole.gr.