US Senator praises Greek President during official visit


US Senator and member of Senate Foreign Relations Committee Robert Menendez praised the President of the Hellenic Republic Prokopis Pavlopoulos, during their meeting at the Presidential mansion on Monday.

During their meeting Menendez underlined how significant a role President Pavlopoulos has played: "I would also want to praise the role you have played as President of the country and as a politician. A role you have been called to play at historic moments and for which history will have things to relate in the future".

On his part the President Pavlopoulos praised Menendez' stance and positions on Greece and Cyprus, noting that these positions contribute to establishing peace and stability in the surrounding region, especially in the troubled areas of the Eastern Mediterranean and the Middle East.

Menendez highlighted the importance of relations between the US and Greece and noted that these were now "stronger than ever before," having deepened in the recent period and become very important for both countries. "I am very pleased that Ambassador Geoffrey Pyatt is here with us today, who is one of the most brilliant career diplomats of the US and who has, I believe, made these excellent relations even deeper".

The US Senator said that Greece is a very strong and important ally for the US in the context of NATO and an ally that has met its commitments, as he would like to see other allies do as well. "Additionally, there is the excellent and very important bilateral relationship. I would like to thank you for everything that you offer us in Souda (military base) as well as for the relations we have in the sector of security. I would also want to add that there is a very significant Greek diaspora in US, which returns and invest in its motherland. Recently, I visited Mystras where some Americans have made a very important investment in this beautiful place," he said.