Members of the Greek Presidential Guard take part in Easter Saturday Midnight Mass (VIDEO)

Screen Shot 2019 04 28 at 10.08.05 PM

Screen Shot 2019 04 28 at 10.08.05 PM

Members of the Greek Presidential Guard took part in the Easter Saturday Midnight Mass service at three different Greek Orthodox Churches in Adelaide, South Australia.

The churches the Evzones attended include St George Church in Thebarton, The Nativity of Christ in Port Adelaide and Prophet Elias in Norwood.

At Prophet Elias Church, two Evzones stood in front of the altar as The Orthros took place and hymns were read, an hour before midnight.

At the stroke of midnight, when the Priest emerged from the altar with the Holy Flame, the Evzones were still standing tall and proud in the dark and quiet church.

The Hellenic Presidential Guard lead the clergy, altar boys, Bishop, Priests, officials, chanters and parishioners outside the church.

The Church bell rang and all together, the faithful chanted 'Xristos Anesti'.

Parishioners expressed how blessed they felt to have the Evzones present to celebrate the moment of Christ’s resurrection.

*Watch the video here-