Greek Family owned Villas highlight beauty of Halkidiki

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Where nature meets human creativity and where endless blue meets the architectural elegance, Eagles Villas in Halkidiki is where all senses come to life!

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Approximately a year ago, the first flight from Doha to Thessaloniki, the second biggest city of Greece, was launched and I was invited by Qatar Airways to join the Press Trip along with other journalists from all around the world.

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During our trip, we explored Thessaloniki, a city I’ve visited many times in the past, but this time I saw it from a different point of view; from the eyes of my fellow foreign travelers. We also visited Halkidiki, approximately an hour drive from Thessaloniki and one of the most loved summer destinations in Makedonia for tourists worldwide.

One of the highlights of this trip was Eagles Villas property in Ouranoupolis, Halkidiki; a place that spoke to my heart. Why? Because of its elegant character, aesthetics, views, outstanding dining, location and most importantly, because of its wonderful owners, Mr. Konstantinos Tornivoukas and Mrs. Lena Tornivoukas.

I am very happy that I had the chance to talk with Mr. Konstantinos Tornivoukas about his family’s background, Eagles Villas and what makes this place a paradise on earth.

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Tornivoukas family, the historic ‘Mediteranee’ and Eagles Resort

"I am representing the third generation of Tornivoukas family, a family that has developed and is still developing various activities in the field of tourism. My grandfather, Konstantinos Tornivoukas founded the historic hotel of Thessaloniki, ‘Mediteranee’, which used to be the best property in the city until 1978, when, unfortunately, the strong earthquake hit the city destroyed it’, says Mr. Tornivoukas.

"Since 1973, my father Georgios and my mother Ismini started running two hotels; the City Hotel in Thessaloniki and Eagles Palace in Halkidiki. Then, in 1999 my wife Lena and I took over. We renovated the existing properties and added two more: the Excelsior Boutique Hotel that opened in 2009 and Eagles Villas, the latest addition. Eagles Villas is a truly unique property with 42 luxurious villas and two new restaurants which perfectly complete the existing ones at Eagles Palace."

And this is how Eagles Resort was created, according to Mr. Tornivoukas. It aims to be the ultimate destination for all kinds of travelers; a destination that catersto  all needs and wishes.

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Eagles Villas

This stunning property in Ouranoupolis is truly loved by its guests from all over the world. And how could it not be?

"Eagles Villas combines the comfort and space a family needs, without lacking luxury and high-quality services; a combination that's not easy to find. At the same time, the Villas are located in a magnificent area, with unbeatable views and only 3 minutes away from the beach," Mr. Tornivoukas highlights.

Gone are the days when interior design was only about decorating spaces and Eagles Villas takes it a step further. The Villas are decorated with carefully selected furniture from well-known Greek and international brands.

And let me add; they’re so functional! The wardrobe is super smart, the mattresses and pillows have the perfect combination of softness and firmness and even the plugs are located in the right place. You know, small things that can really make the difference when you’re away from home.

"Every client is special to us and we want to treat them uniquely. This is why the villas are only 42 and we also use the butler service, available for all our guests; a service that allows us to fulfill any of their wishes."

"Lastly, Eagles Villas’ guests have access to all facilities of Eagles Resort; to all 6 restaurants, the children’s club, the Spa, access to water activities and many more. It’s actually a combination that you can rarely find in Greece and this is why people absolutely loved it and we couldn’t be more proud!"

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The area around Ouranoupolis

Ouranoupolis is close to Agion Oros and it has always been a place that attracts cultural and religious travelers and nature lovers.

"Guests can also visit Ammouliani island and Drenia, the complex of little islands, with the beautiful sandy beaches and crystal blue waters. They should also try the sea cruise in order to watch the monasteries from the sea or just wander around Ouranoupolis and enjoy fresh fish in local taverns."

It’s worth mentioning that the Tornivoukas family has launched the Island Club, "where guests can enjoy the beach from the comfort of their sunbeds, whilst we make sure that the environment’s natural attributes are respected."

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Artists in Residence, an initiative that connects tourism to art and culture and other activities

Tornivoukas family manages to find ways to expand their current activities and take significant cultural action.

"We are very happy to organize once per year, in collaboration with Aliki Tsirliagou and Nitra Gallery, the Artists in Residence, an initiative that began in 2016. Along with Mrs Tsirliagou, we select 10 artists and invite them to stay with us for a week. Once they become familiar with the hotel and the surrounding area, we ask them to create a piece of art. Later on, we organize an art exhibition in Thessaloniki," says Mr. Tornivoukas.

"Moreover, we organise various environmental activities in collaboration with schools, in order to raise awareness among the kids and locals. I would also like to highlight that all our hotels are Green Key certified for their environmentally friendly policies; it’s an issue of great concern for our group."

Eagles Villas currently operates from early April until the end of October and it’s an experience not to be missed!


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