Romantic comedy written and directed by Greek Australian director hits the big screen

Helen Arthur Bench Bridgewater Park Night

Helen Arthur Bench Bridgewater Park Night

‘Me & My Left Brain’, is a romantic comedy focusing on love, career choices and the paralysing effect of over-thinking, from award-winning writer and director Alex Lykos.

Starring Alex Lykos himself, alongside film stars Rachael Beck (Hey Dad..! Catching Milat), Chantelle Barry (NCIS, Entourage), Laura Dundovic (Ruben Guthrie) and Logie Nominee Mal Kennard (Ivan Milat, The Matrix Reloaded, Devil's Playground), the screenplay is set to take Australian audiences by storm.

Alex Lykos is well known for his record-breaking Alex & Eve stage trilogy, which was seen on stage by over 40,000 people across Australia between 2006 and 2016. With such a strong fan base who loved the stage show, Alex adapted, co-produced and acted in Alex & Eve for the big screen which premiered in cinemas across Australia in October of 2015 and in prominent film festivals across America.

Me My Left Brain Film Poster With Quote

The talented, young man has written and directed all of his stage shows ranging from dramas to comedies: Its War, Better Man, the Alex & Eve series, The Negotiating Table, A Long Night and original musical Australia’s Game.

Now Alex is back on Australian screens with his new film ‘Me & My Left Brain’, a story which follows the life of Arthur who is in love with a woman named Helen and is searching for a new job.

“The film pays homage to the rom-coms of the 70s. Working with such a great cast made this film a joy to work on,” said Alex.

When writing ‘Me & My Left Brain’, Alex notes that he had to consider the limitations of low budget filmmaking. After funds for the film were raised, production for the movie began in October 2017, with a tight thirteen-day shoot.

Post production, Alex approached award-winning composer Cezary Skubiszewski (The Saphhires, Red Dog) and after showing him the rough cut, Skubiszewski liked it and suddenly this little indie had one of the most sought-after composers in the country.

Panoramic Pictures has secured a national limited cinema release of ‘Me & My Left Brain’ on 16th May 2019.

For ticket sales and cinema listings visit- meandmyleftbrainmovie

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