Emma McGann to perform live in Greece for the first time

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British singer-songwriter, musician and online live-streamer on broadcasting platform YouTube, Emma McGann is bringing her bold, colossal anthems of fearless and new-pop brilliance to Athens, in her first ever live show in Greece, this Thursday, 16th of May, 2019.

Audiences worldwide may know Emma from her YouTube series 'British Girl Tries Greek Food’. The idea Emma says came from her friend Eleni. “She sent me some Greek snacks to try a couple of years ago and mentioned that she'd love to see my reaction to snacks from her country and so I filmed the entire thing and posted it on YouTube. I loved the whole concept of sharing my thoughts on food I'd never tried before and begun making more and more videos on the food of Greece.”

The British YouTuber's favourite food is Souvlakia, which she hadn’t tried before the series. “It was gorgeous! But I'm told souvlaki we get here in the UK tastes nothing like the real thing. I wanna taste the real deal so it'll be the first thing I eat when I get to Athens! Snack-wise I'm a big fan of Papadopoulos snacks - Caprice wafers are amazing.”



Being a fan of Greek food, Emma also tried making Baklava once, as she has a bit of a sweet tooth and to her surprise, it turned out great and she demolished it all!

“I've learned quite a few new Greek words from the viewers who watch my videos. What I love about my viewers in Greece is that they're so hospitable - even in the YouTube comments! They always have great recommendations and will help me learn new things. One person taught me the meaning of 'meraki' - meaning to put everything into what you love to do, whatever your passion is. For me, it's music and good food.”

Emma has always wanted to visit Greece and to perform in Athens on her first trip is very exciting, she says. ”I’m hoping we can come back more after the first show and travel further afield too! Thessaloniki is another place where fans have asked I perform. So I'm hoping to do that in the future.”

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While in Athens, Emma notes that she is really looking forward to seeing the Acropolis, hopefully, do some island hopping, definitely eat as much food as she can and she’s also looking forward to meeting fans at the show.

“I bring a big pop sound to my live shows - I like to uplift people, get them dancing. The show is anthemic, full of energy... so come prepared to dance. I'll also be performing my new single 'Misfits' for the first time at the show.” 

If you are in Athens, don’t miss your chance to see Emma perform- emmagreece


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