A popular culinary food festival promoting local products and recipes from Tinos, starts today May 13, with cooking demonstrations from Greek chefs taking place for seven days, transforming Tinos’ famous local ingredients into special dishes.

Tinos Food Path is an organisation that started this annual event four years ago, with the aim of combining real Greek flavours and culinary creations using fresh and local ingredients from the island, in the hope of establishing Tinos as a gastronomic destination.

The organisation has grown rapidly and it’s mainly based around the main restaurateurs of Tinos, however others in the tourism and agriculture sectors have also joined and now more than 300 volunteers, including men and women, adults and children, local residents as well as residents from other parts of Greece, work tirelessly to promote the island’s delicacies and dishes.

The annual event always takes place during the second week of May, where locals share their products, recipes and of course their hospitality. Guests are invited to enjoy Tinos’ customs, culture, flavours, products, and of course the rich history of the island.

For seven days, people are invited to join in on barbecues on the beach, wine classes outside monasteries, and feasts in village squares, which will give them a real taste of Tinos.

This gastronomic event allows producers, farmers, and restaurants to showcase their products and services to the world and it now attracts bloggers, food critics and chefs from around Greece and the world.

*Photo Credit: G.Fr. Imaging