Greece and North Macedonia set up border crossing stations

Makedoni a Grci a 1

Makedoni a Grci a 1

The Greek and North Macedonian governments have agreed to the establishment of border-crossing stations at the Prespes Lakes region and the Greek Promachoi village, with the agremeent in question sent to the Greek parliament's plenary on Tuesday.

The agreement was drafted under the framework of the Prespes Agreement, signed between the two countries in June 2018.

The crossing at Prespes town, in the Prespes Lakes region, will re-open for the first time since 1967, while the new crossing at the Promachoi village will connect it to Maiden across the border.

Greek Alternate Foreign Affairs Minister Sia Anagnostopoulou, who has co-chaired the interministerial committee of Greece and North Macedonia over the last few months and has worked intensively on issues of collaboration between the two countries, said the bill will enhance trade and tourism relations between the two neighbours.

The bill was drafted by the Greek Foreign Affairs Ministry in collaboration with North Macedonia's ministerial authorities.

Earlier in the year the mayor of Prespes town Panagiotis Paschalidis said he hopes for the strengthening of tourism following the reopening of the border crossing near Prespes.