Basic Greek words and phrases for your holiday to Greece 

Screen Shot 2019 05 16 at 4.28.45 pm

Screen Shot 2019 05 16 at 4.28.45 pm

If you are heading to Greece this summer and not familiar with the Greek language, we have put together a list of some of the most basic words and phrases that you will be hearing a lot of, and that will help you get by! 

Now don’t despair, most Athenians and locals on the Greek islands speak English, however, if you do get stuck or come across people who don’t speak English, here are a few key words that will make your journey that little bit easier!


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Hello:  Yiasou!

Goodbye: Yiasou!

Excuse me / Sorry: Signomi

Good morning: Kalimera

Good afternoon/ Good evening: Kalispera

Good  night: Kalinihta

Thank you: Efharisto

Please / You’re welcome: Parakalo

Yes: Ne

No: Ohi

Help: Voithia

Water: Nero

Food: Fagito

Tea: Tsai

Coffee: Kafe

Beer: Bira

Wine: Krasi

Ice cream: Pagoto

Sugar: Zahari

Milk: Gala

Bread: Psomi

Ice cubes: Pago

Meat: Kreas

Fish: Psari

Seafood: Thalassina

Chicken: Kotopoulo

Dessert: Glyko

Telephone: Tilefono 

Bus: Leoforio

Train: Treno

Taxi: Taksi

Beach: Paralia

Airplane: Aeroplano

Airport: Aerodromio

Hair salon: Komotirio

Beautician: Estitiki

Hotel: Xenothohio 

Shops: Magazia

Bank: Trapeza

Post office: Tahithromio 

Police: Astinomia

Hospital: Nosokomio

Doctor: Giatro

How are you?: Ti Kanis?

I’m well thank you: Kala efharisto

Come here: Ela 

My name is: Me lene

What is your name?: Pos se lene?

Chat later: Ta leme

Where is the bathroom?: Pou ine I toualeta?

Do you speak English?: Milate anglika?

Cheers: Stin Igia

Bon Appetit: Kali Orexi 

How much is it?: Poso kani?

What time is it?: Ti ora ine? 

I don’t understand: Then katalaveno

It’s hot: Kani zesti

It’s cold: Kani krio

I like it: Mou aresi

I love you: Se agapo