Father in Lamia arrested for chaining up his disabled daughter and abusing her

Screen Shot 2019 05 16 at 11.07.56 am

Screen Shot 2019 05 16 at 11.07.56 am

The community of Lamia has been left shocked and angered with news that a 53-year-old father in Central Greece was chaining up his 18-year-old disabled daughter for over 5 years, abusing her and allowing his friends at work to also torment the mentally disabled girl.

"Our father should have been in prison years ago with everything he has done. My first concern now is my sister who needs help and protection," said the older brother of Maria, the disabled girl who was being mistreated.

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The 53-year-old and two of his workers have been jailed after giving statements regarding the abuse, however, the girl's four brothers say the justice system worked very slowly and even though they had reported the abuse back in 2016, nothing had been done until now.

According to Lamiareport.gr the eldest brother had left home in 2016 and taken another one of his siblings with him. The brothers notified police of the abuse taking place but authorities did not investigate.

The brothers have since told police that they would always try to stop the abuse taking place but the father would ignore them and tell them to mind their own business. The siblings also said neighbours and other relatives were aware of the situation but didn't dare to speak up, as they were fearful of the 53-year-old's reaction.

*Source: Lamiareport.gr