German tourists wearing ancient Greek costumes claim they were denied access to Acropolis 2

A group of German tourists wearing ancient Greek costumes claim they were denied entrance into the Acropolis because they were not “suitably attired.”

Speaking to Greek daily publication Ta Nea, after their return to Germany, one of the tourists said she would understand the ban if she was visiting a monument in a Middle Eastern country but not in Europe.

“If I entered a mosque in Iran I would be prepared. But this is Greece and Europe. There cannot be a dress code for the entrance to the Acropolis,” Dejre Kenning said.

Security guards said their decision to ban the female tourists was not based on their clothes but on the fact that a professional photographer was accompanying them and all professional photographers need a special permit to enter the Acropolis

“The lady at the entrance told us that we were not dressed properly, that we were too naked,” Kenning says.

“Many visitors were wearing fewer clothes than us and there were many signs in the area: Do not eat, no pets but there was no sign for a dress code anywhere,” she said.

The women went on to say, “We wanted to show how beautiful your country’s history is and to express our respect.

“We did not intend to do anything wrong, we just had fun. None of us was rude or drunk, which I would understand as a reason for refusing entry,” she adds.

The group of women also allege that they were refused a refund for the tickets that they had booked online.


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  1. IF a permit is required for professional photographers then that is one issue, albeit how much does it cost and how easy to obtain. That aside, the ladies themselves should have been allowed in. But then many SO CALLED security at this great site are in fact utter baboons who received their jobs in the miserable manner that most staff in that government department get and retain their jobs. Bums who go around screaming “NO PHOTO” within museums, and yet just sit and read their books or their mobile phones or ring their work mates in the very next room. The bimbo – yes I am being nasty – who screamed at me when I preferred to walk barefoot on the same ground that MY ancestors walked on. The Tourism Minister should take a look at this matter, personally.