The new high-speed train, with passengers travelling from Athens to Thessaloniki in under four hours, is set to take off on Monday, May 20 and we have a list of times, services and all the other details right here!

-The new express Athens-Thessaloniki route will take 3 hours and 57 minutes from Thessaloniki to Athens, with stops in Larissa and Paleofarsalos.

– From Athens to Thessaloniki, with stops at Lianokladi and Larissa it will take 4 hours and 10 minutes.

– From Athens, the first route departs at 06:22 and then there are trips every three hours at 09:22, 12:22, 15:22 and 18:22.

-From Thessaloniki, the first route departs at 06:27 and then there are trips every three hours, at 09:15, 12:15, 15:15 & 18:15.

– In addition, there is a 600/601 evening route.

-In the morning the Athens-Lianokladi route will last 1 hour and 47 minutes, while the Athens-Larissa route is 2 hours 48 minutes.

-The Larissa-Athens route will last 2 hours and 36 minutes and the Thessaloniki-Larissa route will last 1 hour and 20 minutes.

-Among other things, the new Intercity Express train offers free WiFi and power sockets for each passenger. There is also a canteen service available with new catering partners Venetis.

-Free newspapers will be available for first-class passengers on I / C50 and I / C51 trains, plus free sets of personal care products for first-class passengers.

-Regarding ticket prices, the Athens-Thessaloniki route costs 55 euros for first-class (with 20% discount for the return) and the next class costs 45 euros (20% discount for return).

-You can purchase tickets for the express train here. 

*Photo credit: Eurokinissi