Vandals spray paint graffiti over brand new metro train in Thessaloniki

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Unknown vandals managed to enter a train depot in Thessaloniki, even though it was being heavily guarded and spray painted graffiti on a brand new metro train, which just arrived in the city.

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Having only arrived a few days ago at the Pylaias depot, slogans including “Welcome Home Baby” were sprayed across the much-anticipated new metro.

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"Unfortunately, despite the double number of security measures, unknown vandals arrived at dawn at the depot and managed to spray paint one side of the two carriages," Attiko Metro's chairman, Yiannis Milopoulos, told ANA-MPA.

"It was difficult for us to find the appropriate cleaning materials to get rid of the graffiti without causing damage to the metro, however, we have managed to finally source some and will begin the cleaning process tomorrow," added Mr. Milopoulos.

*Images courtesy of Panagiotis Krinis 

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