St Basil’s Randwick hosts a wonderful Open Day for visitors of all ages

2019 05 St Basils Open 2482

2019 05 St Basils Open 2440

On Sunday the 19th of May, St Basil’s at Randwick, Sydney, held an Open Day, which was a lovely event for the whole family with activities for all ages.

More than 600 people visited the facility and had a wonderful time with live music that was organised.

2019 05 St Basils Open 2446

2019 05 St Basils Open 2444

2019 05 St Basils Open 2465

Visitors had the opportunity to enjoy food tasting and on Level 1 there was an art exhibition with paintings that were made from the residents.

On Level 2, visitors were able to admire a Greek traditional costumes exhibition and Greek dancing by Hellenic Lyceum.

2019 05 St Basils Open 2475

2019 05 St Basils Open 2482

2019 05 St Basils Open 2508

During the event, all of the visitors were also given facility tours by the staff and left with the best impressions.

St Basil’s Randwick’s in Sydney offers 114 residential aged care beds in rooms that are much larger than the industry standard.

2019 05 St Basils Open 2463

2019 05 St Basils Open 2541

2019 05 St Basils Open 2504

A choice of living options at St Basil’s facilities helps address the needs of the aging population, providing a range of entertainment as well as a seamless integration into the community. St Basil’s strive to give residents a better lifestyle and a friendly environment.

2019 05 St Basils Open 2477

2019 05 St Basils Open 2448

2019 05 St Basils Open 2549

“At St Basil’s Randwick we have considered every aspect of your well-being – from alfresco courtyards to entertain family and friends, to cascading terraces to relax and enjoy the evenings with new neighbours, and beautiful landscaped gardens and walkways that wind through the heritage parkland. All the outdoor communal areas have fantastic facilities such as barbecues, pergolas and child-friendly areas. There is even a putt-putt golf course where you can take on your new friends,” says management.

There is also a gymnasium, an indoor swimming pool as well as a café, beauty salon and hairdressers and there is even a playground for little visitors to enjoy.

*All images by Nick Bourdaniotis Photography (Copyright)