Young Greek author publishes her fifth romance novel


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Tatiana Tzinioli is the author of five contemporary romance novels. Born with the writer's 'bug' she lives in Athens and feels very happy when she sees her books in various Book Festivals. Oh, she also highlights that she has strong resilience to sugar; well, I guess this is how she survives the long nights when inspiration hits.

Tatiana holds degrees in film directing and journalism and delivers creative writing classes at her community’s library.

Let’s hear more from this young and inspiring writer.

When did your passion for writing begin? Was it an always and forever love or was it gradual?

I was born with it. I always remember creating stories in my mind, observing people and writing short stories. When I think of my life so far, I realise that everything was around words and stories.

Tell us about your books; from the first one to the last, the '18 Stairs.' 

All of my 5 books can be described as contemporary romance. They’re modern stories that take place in the US. The ’18 Stairs’-the latest one-unfolds in Boston, where we are witnessing life in 59 Beacon Street. In the ground floor there is Julian and Oliver and in the second floor lives Carter, Julian’s brother and Olivia’s best friend, Emma. After a drunken night in Las Vegas, Carter and Emma got married. All these people are somehow connected, either by blood or by friendship.

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If I ask you to select one of your books that holds a very special place in your heart, could you do that?

I truly love them all. I wrote them all with the same passion, same intense feelings and the same excitement and love for the characters. Nevertheless, if I have to select one, that would be ‘Before the Sunrise’.

Tell me your favorite author, a person who has inspired you the most.

Every book I read inspires me. Even if I don’t absolutely love it, it will still make me understand what I like the most as a reader. Every book will give you stimuli, will enrich your vocabulary and will make you travel with your mind. So, I cannot select only one author or one book; every book I have read has inspired me in its way.

Is there a piece of you in your books?

In the past, I didn’t think so. But comparing all my books’ main characters I realise that no one compromises; they all chase their desires and eventually make their dreams come true. So, I guess this is my own element as well. I never compromise, I hate being pressured and doing things just because ‘I have to’.

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How did you feel after the completion of your very first book?

I felt really emotional. I always feel emotional when I complete a book, as all characters reach their happily-ever-after end and redemption comes. They all fight and stand above their own demons. But, when I completed my first book I felt so happy… the sense of accomplishment felt amazing.

Yet, the even more emotional moment was when I held it in my hands printed. It stopped being a word file. It was an actual book, with front and back page! At the same time, I felt sentimental when I first saw it at a Book Festival. I was going to Book Festivals since I was a child and now my own creations are also there!

Describe your daily writing routine.

Working as a freelancer, it’s quite easy to find time within my day to write. When I am in full writing mode, the only thing I can think about is my story and I write in evenings and nights along with a big cup of coffee and music in my ears.

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How does an author train their mind and writing skills? By constant reading, for example?

In order to train your mind, you have to read, yes. The more you read, the more you want to write and the more you enrich your vocabulary. You also come across other writing styles.

In order for an author to become better, though, I believe they have to write a lot. Someone’s first book is usually poorer than his 10th. The more you write, the more you develop yourself, you learn how to structure your words better and your characters.

Your love for the US is obvious. Is there any other country you have visited and you think can be the next inspiration for your next novel? 

I travel a lot, as I love to fill my soul with new images and experiences. But for now, my love for the US is still strong and it will always be the best scenery for my stories to unfold.

Thank you, Tatiana, for this wonderful discussion and we are truly looking forward to reading your next stories!

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