American tourist charged 836 euros for calamari and beer in Mykonos

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An American tourist was charged 836 euro for 6 servings of calamari, 6 beers and 3 salads at a restaurant at Platis Gialos in Mykonos.

The tourist posted the receipt with a complaint on TripAdvisor, showing he was charged 150 euros for six beers and 591 euros for six servings of squid.

From Brooklyn, New York, the tourist was astonished when he asked for the bill at DK Oyster and saw the amount from the seaside restaurant at popular Mykonos island.

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The tourist has since taken to TripAdvisor to inform others of the outrageously high prices and also said that no menu and prices were given before he ordered.

He also added photos as documents to prove his allegations and from what the receipt shows,  the tourist was charged 98.5 euros per serving of squid,  20 euros per Caesar Salad, 25 euro per glass of local beer, 8.90 per bottle of water and 18 euros for a tomato juice.

“This place is a rip-off look at the picture I posted. They charged us 830 euros for calamari, 6 beers, and 3 salads. The staff is not honest and refuse to provide a menu and prices. Avoid this place at all cost. No pun intended,” he said.

Of course, not all restaurants in Mykonos have exorbitant prices and if you are in Platis Gialos and looking for an eatery that does offer a menu with pricing up front and that has come recommended, try Avli Tou Thodori.