Greece's most popular artists performing across the country for Summer 2019

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Screen Shot 2019 05 23 at 5.18.22 pm

If you are lucky enough to be in Greece this summer, no holiday would be complete without catching one of your favourite performers on stage and GCT has compiled a list of Greece's leading artists who will be on stage over the next few months, which you are sure to enjoy! 


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Konstantinos Argiros

You will be dancing on the tables until ‘Ximeromata’ with one of the most successful and popular artists in Greece, Konstantinos Argiros. His greatest hits include ‘Osa Niotho’, ’Ta Kataferes’, ‘Ximeromata’, ‘Psemata’, ‘Lioma’, ‘Ti Na to Kano’ and the list goes on.  He will be joined onstage by other Greek performers- Ivi Adamou, Alcatras, and Ian Stratis.

Where: Fantasia Live, Athens

When: Every Friday and Saturday from the 24th May 2019

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Giorgos Sabanis

One of the most talented singer/songwriter of his generation will entertain the crowd with the music he writes himself. Sabanis has always had a musical passion, which is evident through his songs and his voice. Audiences can expect to hear their favourite tunes including, but not limited to ‘Prin peis s ‘agapo’, ‘Mi milas’, ‘Paraxena Demenoi’ and ‘Logia Pou Kaine’. Accompaning Sabanis for performances will be singers Malu, Crystallia Riga and on the decks DJ Dimitris Metaxas.

Where: Romeo, Glyfada, Athens

When: Every Friday and Saturday


George Dalaras and Izmir State Symphony Orchestra

Prominent singer George Dalaras will perform with the Izmir State Symphony Orchestra on Wednesday 19 June, as part of the 2019 Athens and Epidaurus Festival. The concert will include a selection of songs by Greek composers, Mediterranean ballads, traditional songs and a tribute to Apostolos Kaldaras’ Asia Minor.

Where: Odeon of Herodes Atticus, Athens

When: Wednesday 19th June 2019


rita wilson

Rita Wilson

Greek American actress and songwriter Rita Wilson, will create an authentic musical atmosphere, with an exclusive live session as part of this year’s Summer Nostos Festival. Wilson’s songs are marked by intense lyricism and distinct influences from American pop-folk. Tickets will sell out instantly when they are released on Friday, June 21, at 3pm (GMT+3), so make sure you are quick!

Where: Greek National Opera, Stavros Niarchos Foundation Cultural Centre

When: Saturday 29th June 2019

Tickets: snfestival


Antonis Remos and UB40

One of the premier Greek pop stars of his generation, Antonis Remos will be joined by reggae band UB40 for one night, and one night only for an unforgettable night under the stars. The scheduled performance together marks the bands 40th anniversary tour. It will be a huge party full of old and new hits by both Remos and UB40.

Where: Theatro Petras, Petroupoli Athens

When: Wednesday 10th July 2019


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Glykeria and Melina Aslanidou

Adored songstress Glykeria will be performing around Greece with popular singer Melina Aslanidou. Audiences will hear many of their classic songs inclusive of ‘Den eho polla’, ‘Mexri Na Vroume Ourano’, ‘i trata mas i kourelou,' ‘ Kalokairi Agkalia mou’, ‘Thalassa’ and ‘An S' Arnitho Agapi Mou’. With two of the most loved Greek female singers touring together, they will put on a remarkable show. To keep up to date with locations and dates, follow Glykeria on Instagram.

When: Greece Summer 2019

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Panos Kiamos and Nikiforos Vithoulkas

‘Thelo Na Se Xanado’, are the words from Kiamos' hit summer 2018 song that he will be singing to you! The popular artist also has other tunes you love listening to including ‘Afto Na To Thymasai’, ‘Trelokomeio’, ‘Skotoneis,’ and ‘Fotia me fotia’. He will be joined on stage by Nikiforos Vithoulkas, whose music career started after appearing on X Factor. Nikiforos will start and continue the party with his hits ‘San Ta Matia Sou’, ‘O Andras Pou Ksereis’ and ‘Ksero Ti Kano’, just to name a few.

Where: Posidonio, Athens

When: Every Friday and Saturday


Vasilis Karras, Ilias Vrettos, Eirini Papadopoulou and Ano Kato

Four spectacular singers- Vasilis Karras, Ilias Vrettos, Eirini Papadopoulou and Ano Kato, performing on the same stage.  Some of their popular hits include ‘Gia Ton Idio Anthropo Milame, ‘Den Pao Pouthena’, ‘Fonaxe Me’, ‘Kai Petao Psila’, ‘Halali’, ’S’ Aftin Na Pas’, ‘Oi Kyriakes’ and ‘San Star Tou Cinema'. Don’t say we didn’t warn you if your feet are hurting by the end of the night.

Where: Stage Live, Thessaloniki

When: Every Friday and Saturday

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Alkistis Protopsalti

Award winning singer with a career spanning 40 years, Alkistis Protopsalti will be performing songs including ‘Pame Havai’,’ S' agapo’ and ‘Ta Laika’. With her unique, strong voice, not only can she sing in Greek, but also in English, Spanish, French, Chinese, Swahili and Armenian. Alkistis Protopsalti will be participating in this year’s Summer Nostos Festival at the Stavros Niarchos Foundation Cultural Centre, performing a free concert.

When: Sunday 23rd June 2019

Where: The Great Lawn, Stavros Niarchos Foundation Cultural Centre

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Giorgos Margaritis

Greek Laiko singer, Giorgos Margaritis, accompanied by a large orchestra will perform some of the greatest hits at the this year’s Summer Nostos Festival on 26th June at the Stavros Niarchos Foundation Cultural Centre. Huge crowds are expected to hear this popular singer perform ‘Stou Paradeisou Tin Porta’, ‘Sto Keli 33’, ‘Dyo Chiliarika Sti Tsepi’ and many more.

When: Wednesday 26th June 2019

Where: The Great Lawn, Stavros Niarchos Foundation Cultural Centre

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Yiannis Kotsiras and Eleftheria Arvanitaki

In one of the most anticipated concerts this summer, duo- Yiannis Kotsiras and Eleftheria Arvanitaki will be performing an exclusive show in Athens. Yiannis is one of the most popular and successful Greek singers, who has also become an international hit, performing all over the world. Greek folk singer, Eleftheria is just of importance and has worked with many acclaimed artists. Because we are so excited we have their songs ‘Ela Ke Kopse Me Sta Dio’ and ‘Dinata Dinata’ on replay and we can’t wait to see them perform together!

When: Wednesday 26th June 2019

Where: Vrachon Theatre, Athens



Yannis Markopoulos

Major Greek composer, Yannis Markopoulos celebrates his 80th birthday with a magical concert at the Odeon of Herodes Atticus. With a career spanning almost 60 years, he will choose among his greatest hits to perform at this anniversary concert. Markopoulos will also be joined on stage by popular Greek singers, Eleonora Zouganeli and Giannis Haroulis.

When: 28th June 2019

Where: Odeon of Herodes Atticus, Athens


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Christos Cholidis and Giorgos Giannias

After releasing his much anticipated new single ‘An Akoma M Agapas’, Christos Cholidis, a man who doesn’t need an introduction will be performing among other hits, ‘S' Agapo’ and ‘Elega’, that will have you dancing all night and morning. Joining Cholidis is popular Greek artist Giorgos Giannias, who sings ‘Etoimasou’ and latest song ‘I Zoi De Sinehizetai’.

Where: Frangelico, Athens

When: Every Thursday, Friday and Saturday


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Elli Kokkinou

Performing all around Greece is one of the most popular female singers Elli Kokkinou. ‘Ola Lathos’, ‘De Ginete’, ‘Andriki Kolonia’ and ‘De tha se perimeno' are just some of the hits you can expect to hear. You don’t want to have your ‘Matia Kleista’, instead of seeing and partying with her. To see where she will be touring, make sure you frequently check out her Instagram profile.

When: Greece Summer 2019

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Petros Iakovidis

This summer you will have ‘Vradia Aximerota’, when you see talented singer, songwriter and composer, Petros Iakovidis perform right in front of your eyes. He will be touring around Greece, performing his hit songs including but not limited to ‘Gela mou’, ‘Min Tolmiseis’, ‘Vale’, ‘Apotipomata’ and ‘Koritsaki Mou’. You don’t want to miss making unforgettable memories seeing him perform, so make sure you keep your eye out on his Instagram for tour dates and locations.

When: Greece Summer 2019

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Nikos Oikonomopoulos

Nikos Oikonomopoulos name became known amongst Greeks after winning the talent show ‘Dream Show-The Music 2’. He has gone on to win many awards and released 10 albums to date. Our top three songs from Oikonomopoulos, which were hard to pick are ‘Tora Ti Na To Kano’, ‘Gia Kapio Logo’ and ‘Exetias Sou'. Once you see him walk on stage and hear his voice, you won’t be sitting down for the rest of the night.

Where: Fix Nightclub, Thessaloniki

When: Every Friday and Saturday

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STAN and Natasa Theodoridou

Two incredible artists- STAN and Natasa Theodoridou always give audiences a fun and unforgettable performance! Theodoridou was the first female Greek artist to have her first three albums achieve platinum status and STAN is one of Greece’s most loved and talented singers/songwriters. Together they will be touring Greece, performing at different islands over the summer, so make sure you keep your eye out on their Instagram for when they release there next location. Don’t miss seeing them perform their greatest hits not limited to ‘Kai Zilevo Pou S Ehei’, ‘Kati Teties Nixtes’, ‘Den Me Afora’, ‘Epidi Me Xero’ and ‘Ena Fili’.

When: Greece Summer 2019

Ηλίας Καμπακάκης Ilias Kampakakis

Ilias Kampakakis

Greek singer and songwriter Ilias Kampakakis, will be performing at Akanthus every Thursday. Audiences can expect to hear songs he writes including ‘De sou Thimono’, ‘Sta xilia xronia mia fora’, ‘Irtha Ksana’ and many more.

Where: Akanthus, Athens

When: Every Thursday


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