Tourism Season creates over 110,000 new jobs in Greece for 2019

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According to data from Greek labor ministry’s Ergani system, employment rates are improving with April figures indicating a drop in the number of unemployed, more full-time positions and 110,895 new jobs thanks to the tourist season.

At the same time, the launch of the tourism season created 10,645 additional new jobs compared to April 2018 and 159,775 new jobs in the January-April period.

More specifically, 110,895 new jobs opened in April, with 282,181 recruitments and 171,286 dismissals.

Of the 282,181 hirings in April, 56 percent (or 158,013) was for full-time work, 34.46 percent (or 97,237 positions) for part-time employment, and 9.54 percent (or 26,931) for rotation contracts.

Full-time employment for the January-April period accounted for 49.52 percent of all options.

Food and Beverage services accounted for the largest number of hirings with waiters, service, and bartenders getting 27,224 new jobs, followed by hotel and restaurant cooks (17,027), and hotel chambermaids (12,094).

In terms of location, regions with strong incoming tourism accounted for most of the recruitments: the Southern Aegean (39,133), Crete (30,553) and the Ionian islands (14,537).

*Source: GTPHeadlines

*Photo credit: Image of To XANI Restaurant in Chania taken by Giannis Chatziioannou (Copyright)