Mykonos Restaurant that charged tourist 836 euro for Calamari and Beer busted for violating tax rules

kalamaria mikonos

kalamaria mikonos

Following news of a restaurant at Platis Gialos in Mykonos charging an American tourist 836 euros for calamari and beer, tax inspectors visited the eatery and found the owner violating 12 tax rules during their inspection.

The American tourist who posted a review on Tripadvisor and added photos as documents to prove his allegations that he was charged 98.5 euros per serving of squid,  20 euros per Caesar Salad, 25 euro per glass of local beer, 8.90 per bottle of water and 18 euros for a tomato juice, brought about the investigation.

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Owners of the restaurant that has been named and shamed all over Greek news and on social media for over-charging not only the American tourist but many more visitors have since spoken up about the incident defending their prices.

The restaurant manager told media, "It was for nine people and they ordered 4 pounds of squid, which was charged by the pound. The squid was fresh and cost £ 100 a kilo."

He also added, "We are the best shop in Platis Yialos and we offer high-end services. We are servicing a high-class clientele and at our shop, you do not come to get full on food, you come for the experience. There is a minimum charge of 25 euros per person at the beach.”

*Image source: Protothema 

American tourist charged 836 euros for calamari and beer in Mykonos