Historical win for New Democracy as they dominate local elections nationwide

w02 233326mitso66

w02 233326mitso66

New Democracy candidates have won a historical 12 out of 13 of Greece's regions and captured the majority of Greece's cities, confirming their lead last week in the first round as well as the European Parliament election, which took place last Sunday 26th of May and as they head into snap national elections, which are taking place on July 7.

Kyriakos Mitsotakis, leader of New Democracy, on Sunday evening after the results of the second round of the local administration elections, said that candidates supported by ND were elected in twelve of the country's thirteen regions including Attica, where almost half of Greece's population resides.

In the Attica region, regional governor Rena Dourou, a prominent Syriza member, was beaten Sunday by ND member Giorgos Patoulis, who is getting around 66% of the vote with nearly all precincts reporting.

The result of last week's European elections, which gave ND a 9.7 percent lead over ruling SYRIZA, "paved the way for a great political change," Mitsotakis said stressing that in five weeks' time Greeks will be making a decisive choice for the country's future.

Mitsotakis announced that he will be touring the country, on the front line, for a civilised electoral race, based on truths, plans and arguments "with guide our commitments for growth, more jobs, lower taxes, and a more efficient state" he concluded.

According to reports, turnout was significantly lower than last Sunday. In regional elections, it dropped from 58% to 41% and in local ones from 59% to 44%.