British tourists charged 82 euros for 8 soft drinks in Rhodes  

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A group of British tourists claim they were left stunned after being charged 82 euros for just eight soft drinks at a tavern on the island of Rhodes in the Dodecanese.

This is the latest incident where international tourists claim they have been left shocked with over the top prices for food and drinks in Greece, with the incident once again making headlines.

British visitor Vikki Scott took to her Facebook page showing an image of a receipt which shows she was charged over 10 euros per drink at The Gate tavern in Old Rhodes Town.

“Went to The Gate restaurant in Old Rhodes Town for a drink! The bill for 8 soft drinks was 82€ - 14€ for a milkshake!! I confronted him and all he could say was ‘thank you lady’ people like him should not be allowed to rip off tourists. On our way back he posed for the photo until he realised who I was then he followed me down the street telling me I couldn’t take his photo. Please share this especially in Rhodes sites to stop others getting ripped off! Thank you,” she said.

Some suggested that maybe they were large sized drinks, while others questioned why they didn’t ask to see a menu, which the tourist responded they were not given one.

Another person suggested, “Why not contact the tourist police in Mandraki to check this out?”

The restaurant has a one star on TripAdvisor, with 103 'terrible' ratings out of 161. Most comments warn, “Stay Away,” "They are scammers”, “Do not go to that place, they will rip you off” and “avoid it at all costs. ”

Just last month, a tourist was charged 836 euros for six servings of calamari and beer in Mykonos, which also made worldwide headlines.

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