27-year-old man tragically plunges to his death in centre of Heraklion



A 27-year-old man tragically took his own life in Heraklion, Crete on Tuesday, in front of dozens of people, including his mother, as he jumped from the Venetian Walls at Pyli Iisou in the centre of the city.

The tragedy occurred on Tuesday afternoon, as the man climbed the Venetian Walls at Pyli Iisou at around 5pm before jumping in front of people who were passing by.

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The young man was very well known in the community as his parents own a shop a few metres away from where he died.

According to reports, the man's mother heard the yelling and ran outside her shop where she watched her son tragically pass away in front of her eyes.

An ambulance rushed to the scene however they could not help the young man, as his death was instantaneous.

According to Cretapost.gr the 27-year-old was trying to deal with the break-up with his girlfriend but did not show any signs of depression to his family or friends, who have all been left shocked and heartbroken by the tragedy.

*If you or someone you know needs help, please call the numbers below-

Australia: Lifeline Australia- 13 11 14

USA: Lifeline America- 800-273-TALK (8255)

Greece: Suicide Prevention Greece- 1018

Britain: SANEline- 0300 304 7000

Canada: Canada Suicide Prevention Service - 1833 456 4566