Greek Olive Oil and Honey named best in the world

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Honey and olive oil 2


Greek olive oil and honey producers are leading the way on a global scale, winning a total of fifty-seven olive oil and honey awards in two international competitions, it was announced on Tuesday by the Hellenic Food Authority (EFET).

In total, 40 olive oil businesses in the regions of Kalamata, Lesvos, and Chalkidiki, received several awards at the London International Table Olives Competitions 2019, as well as the London International Design Olives Competitions 2019, which saw 400 international contestants.

Another 17 Greek honey producers were handed prizes at the London Honey Awards 2019. These businesses are in the regions of Kalymnos, Andros, Crete, Lakonia, Evrytania, Etoloakarnania and Macedonia, and they competed against more than 150 international contestants.

In a statement, EFET congratulated these Greek companies for excelling in global competitions with their quality products.

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