New Archbishop Makarios says he plans on "reuniting Greek Australians"



The new Archbishop of Australia, Makarios, will arrive in Sydney, Australia on Tuesday, 18th of June.

The official enthronement of the Archbishop will take place at the Archdiocese Cathedral of the Annunciation of the Theotokos in Redfern at 11 am on Saturday, 29 June.

In the lead up to the much-anticipated arrival, the new Archbishop had a meeting with Archbishop Ieronymos of Athens and All Greece on Monday, June 3.

Upon his arrival at the Holy Archdiocese, Archbishop Makarios was warmly welcomed by Protosyncellus and Bishop of Thespies, Symeon.

*Archbishop Makarios with Archbishop Ieronymos

Then, Archbishop Ieronymos welcomed the new Archbishop to the Archdiocese of Athens.

“Thank you, Your Beatitude. Despite your tight schedule, thank you for this meeting today. It is a great honor and a blessing to talk to you,” said Archbishop Makarios.

On his part, Archbishop Ieronymos congratulated Makarios on his election while he wished him to have a brilliant ministry in Australia.

The President of the Hellenic Parliament, Nikolaos Voutsis also welcomed the new Archbishop.

 “We are confident that through your work you will leave your mark in the Greek community and will greatly facilitate our country, Greek community and the Parliament in their relations with the Greek diaspora,” said, welcoming the Archbishop of Australia, the President of the Parliament.

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*Archbishop Makarios with Nikolaos Voutsis 

Nikolaos Voutsis noted that the Parliament was in contact, with the World Inter-Parliamentary Union of Hellenism, the elected representatives and prominent figures of the Greek diaspora all over the world, which “strengthens, encourages and supports the meetings and conferences that take place in Greece “.

The President of the Parliament also referred to the important role that the Archbishop of Australia, in cooperation with the Greek community, could play in attracting investment in Greece that needed assistance and solidarity to get out of the crisis.

According to a report in Romfea News, on his part, Archbishop Makarios of Australia said, “I am going to Australia having one main objective, something of high priority: to reunite the people of Australia, who are alive, Greek, with the Greek language, customs, mores, and our tradition. This people I want to unite with Greece, with everything that entails, that is spiritual renaissance, and investment for Greece. Our homeland needs both. 80% of my flock is not just affluent. They are extremely affluent. Therefore, there may be a ray of hope for our country, which is going through difficult times.”

*Source: Romfea News

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  1. Your Eminence. You wish to unite all Hellenes in Australia? Respectfully, best wishes. But the jealousies, the self interest, the greed of too many will get in your way. People who love being “Mr President”even if that means their community achieves NOTHING. People who refuse to unite with others of the same region. People who seek/ lust for POWER. People like those who sabotaged part of the conference we had in the late 1980s auspiced by the Victorian ALP Govt and then who totally prevented a Youth Conference the following year. And yet with “connections”to the Church. Sir, you have much to learn BUT if you can achieve any of this, bravo to you and full support.