Stylish new label with a Mediterranean flair

Stylish new label with a Mediterranean flair 7

ALEX AND TRAHANAS was born out of love for the Mediterranean. The creators of the lifestyle project, Alexandra Heard and Heleena Trahanas are creating garments and entertaining pieces influenced by their travels to Europe and beyond, as they source the finest of fabrics, materials and production methods along the way.

“Sun-filled terraces, seaside trattorias and taverna’s; entertaining with delicious food, wine, surrounded by friends and family. It is a lifestyle project fuelled by the garments, accessories and entertaining pieces that enrich and create more of those Mediterranean summer experiences” Heleena says.

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Alexandra and Heleena met while working in the publications industry over 10 years ago on magazines including Vogue, Vogue Living, Vogue Entertaining + Travel, GQ and Delicious. They have since gone on to work with other companies, Heleena is the marketing and PR manager at Dinosaur designs and Alexandra has worked in events for brands including Woolmark and Louis Vuitton. They have learned so much from working in and around the industry, which has given them the tools to create their brand. 

The name for the company was “quite simple” Heleena notes. “Alex from Alexandra Heard and Trahanas from Heleena Trahanas.”

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Stylish new label with a Mediterranean flair 10

Heleena says that the Greek culture and way of living has definitely influenced her. “Their warmth of hospitality, love for food, wine and entertaining is very much a part of me and at the core of our brand, ALEX AND TRAHANAS. I feel very lucky to have such a rich culture behind me and not to mention I love visiting there as much as possible.”

Pieces available at ALEX AND TRAHANAS include linen garments which are made with Italian linen from one of the world’s oldest and most respected mills, Solbiati which is in the north of Milan. “We work exclusively with their linens and are currently working with a blend that infuses Aloe vera at the finishing stage making it soft to touch and noticeably high quality. We design and make our pieces in Sydney and always think about chic, classic silhouettes to be worn during the warmer months with comfort and ease.”

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Their ceramics are made in Puglia, Italy. They are handmade and painted with a lovely bright Summery palette that brings the entertainers table to life. “The ceramicist sits on a timber stool with shutter doors that open to the cobbled streets and white painted village, whilst listening to opera and drinking espresso. Each piece is one of a kind, they are like little works of art” Heleena stated.

ALEX AND TRAHANAS have also collaborated with Louise Olsen, a well-known Australian designer, and artist. The collection features earrings and a bangle inspired by the beauty of olive trees, the backdrop for their summer edition photo shoot. “The organic curved olive leaf forms bring a touch of the Mediterranean into each piece, where golden leaves hang from the ear or wrap gently around the wrist. They make the perfect summer jewel to accompany our classic Italian linen garments.”

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When Alexandra and Heleena started their lifestyle project, like all new businesses they were fearful that no one would be interested in what they were offering. “Thankfully so far the response has been incredible. We feel very lucky to be able to keep creating more Mediterranean inspired pieces for people to enjoy,” Heleena said. 

In the next few years, Heleena says they plan to keep traveling back to Greece, Italy and beyond as it provides a limitless source of inspiration. They will continue seeking out beautiful materials, pieces and artisans to work with and build out the ALEX AND TRAHANAS lifestyle project range and of course entertain as much as possible with chefs, friends, and family.

Currently, they are working on their second travel capsule, pieces that you will want to take on your 2019 European Summer trip, so make sure you stay tuned. 

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