Greek students hand over wallet with 4,500 euros to police 



Two 16-year-old students from Karpenisi found a wallet containing 4,500 euros in it and handed it straight over to police.

Teenagers Dimitris Lappas and Thanasis Drivas were returning home from a walk the other night when they found the wallet with a large amount of money on the ground. Dimitris alerted his father and together they handed over the wallet to Karpenisi Police.

The wallet containing 4,500 euros belonged to a well-known businessman in the city. The owner received it the next day after being informed by the police. Besides the cash, the wallet also contained personal documents and credit cards belonging to the entrepreneur who was relieved and grateful for the boys’ good deed.

"My son was with his friend when they were walking home and came across the wallet.  They saw that it had a lot of money inside and when they came home my son said, "Dad, we have to go and hand this over to the police." They had no second thought about the wallet or the money. Both of them wanted to deliver the wallet to the police straight away,” Dimitris' father told Greek media.

Bravo to the boys and their parents!