John Macris’ widow Viktoria Karida opens up “I’m completely lost without him”

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John Macris’ widow Viktoria Karida has spoken on national television, describing her heartbreak after the loss of her Greek Australian husband John Macris, who was murdered in Voula, Athens last year.

During an interview with SKAI host Tatiana Stefanidou, Karida said she is completely lost without her partner and has not yet come to terms with his death.

“I still haven’t been able to get rid of any of his clothes, I actually wear them so that I can smell him on me. Every night I leave a piece of dark chocolate next to our bed, as that was his favourite and still think he is with us.”

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*Viktoria with her late husband John Macris

The model also said she often sees her husband in her dreams and believes Macris is watching their children from above and giving Karida strength. “I try to do everything in order not to break down and I know Giannis would want me to be strong for the kids. They are both so sad and I don’t know if they really understand that their Babaka (Dad) will never come back” she told Tatiana.

Karida also said her daughter was very close to her father and says their little girl often writes poems and speaks to him, looking at the sky.

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The model, who cried throughout the entire interview said the heartbreak is unbearable at times, "I sit like a vegetable in the house. I’m completely lost.”

When Stefanidis asked her whether or not she would move to Australia with her children to be closer to her in-laws, Karida said, “It’s a dilemma for me. There are times where I think I need to leave this house as there are so many bad flashbacks of that night Giannis was murdered but at the same time, this is our family home. I want to stay here because all of our memories are here. So I don’t know what I will eventually do.”

46-year-old Greek Australian John Macris shot dead in Athens