Greek rapper Sin Boy’s Mama Challenge Goes Viral (VIDEO)



By Athena Mavromatis 

It’s no secret that one of Greece’s hottest stars right now is mumble rapper “Sin Boy” who is not only dominating the charts, but also social media. Sin Boy along with other fellow Greek rappers Ypo, Madclip, & Illeo have created the #1 club hit with his hit single “Mama”. Whether you love it or hate it, expect to hear it in every club this summer, blaring on the airways for a while!

The song itself is quite catchy, but it has also created a viral dance craze that has everyone and their “mama” on board...if you know what I mean. The dance craze has become so viral, that it has now become a challenge on all social media platforms with the hashtag, #MamaChallenge.

“How exactly did this challenge start?” do you ask? It all began with the release of the music video where we see Sin Boy pretending to drive with a broken steering wheel at the start of the chorus. This moment in the music video inspired choreographer/dancer Tasos Xiarcho and actress/social media influencer Konnie Metaxa (daughter of the legendary Lefteris Pantazis) to make a series of hilarious videos on their Instagram stories recreating this moment all around Athens and inserting the hashtag, #MamaChallenge!

By the dynamic duo starting this dance challenge, the song has become even more viral and has millions of fans creating their own #MamaChallenge videos in hopes that Sin Boy will repost them on his story. Safe to say that by broadcasting this new dance craze to their thousands of followers, it is now the hottest dance craze in all of Greece!

You can search #MamaChallenge on Instagram to see what the buzz is about, but why do that? Grab your invisible steering wheel, press record, & don’t forget to slap #MamaChallenge on your video before you post!

*Check out the video clip here-