Soccer superstar Cristiano Ronaldo arrives in Messinia for a Greek summer holiday


Soccer sensation and Juventas’ leading player Cristiano Ronaldo has arrived in Messinia, Kalamata to begin his summer holiday for 2019 with his family at Costa Navarino Resort.

The superstar footballer spent time at the popular spot last year and was so impressed he tipped the staff of the 5-star resort $31,500.

*Ronaldo and his crew last year at Costa Navarino

According to Eleftheriaonline, Ronaldo arrived at Kalamata airport on Wednesday afternoon on a private flight from Milan and from there the family flew by helicopter to Costa Navarino.

*Ronaldo arriving at Costa Navarino by helicopter (Image from by Nikitas Kotsiaris)

Last year Ronaldo’s visit to Messinia was extra special as the leading player also signed his contract with Juventus during his time in Greece.

Ronaldo and his partner Georgina Rodriguez posted a photo on their social media pages as they were making their way to Greece.

Costa Navarino resort has been voted “Best Family Destination” in the Mediterranean and offers first-class facilities and services.


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