Xronia Polla Christos Menidiatis, who turns 45 today

Christos Menidiatis

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Xronia Polla to popular Greek singer Christos Menidiatis, who was born on the 13th June 1974 and turns 45 today!

Christos is the son of the popular folk singer Michael Menidiatis. He began singing and recording songs in the late 1990’s, under his real surname, Kalogranis.

The talent singer with a unique voice released his first single ‘Gia Mena’ in 2004.

A year later in 2005, he released his first album ‘Sta Asteria Kano Mia Efhi', which featured fourteen songs including ‘Enikiazete’, ‘Oi Kiriakes’, ‘Mono ta matia sou’ and ‘Posa parapano’. ‘Sta Asteria Kano Mia Efhi' became one of the most popular albums in Greece for 2006.

In 2007, after a successful first album Menidiatis released ‘Vima, Vima’, his second album which contain popular hits ‘I Kalyteri Fili’, ‘Ftaine ta glika sou matia’, ‘Tha vro tin akri mou’, and ‘Katse fronima’.

The talent singer has gone on to release a live album and more songs that fans can't stop listening to, including but not limited to ‘Adinamia Mou’, ‘Hamos Tha Gini’, ‘Ta Kleidia’, ‘Ta Kala Paidia’, ‘Se Perimena’ and ‘Kaigomai’.

Menidiatis has also collaborated with other popular Greek artists including Master Tempo and the Kings.

Recently he released his new song ‘Stin Avli Tis’, which has been on repeat since its release. The music is signed by Teo Tzimas and the lyrics are written by Dimitris Beris. The song which is released by Heaven Music, is influenced by the Greek islands and traditions, taking listeners on a journey through the melody and the lyrics.

Xronia Polla Christos! Happy 45th Birthday!