Stowaway lizard travels from Kos to Wales inside tourists' suitcase

Screen Shot 2019 06 17 at 11.43.55 am

Screen Shot 2019 06 17 at 11.43.55 am

A stowaway lizard left the island of Kos in the Dodecanese, after sneaking inside a tourist’s luggage and made his way across to Bridgend in Wales before being discovered.

The bright green Balkan reptile travelled over 2,000 miles from warm and sunny Kos to a much cooler spot.

After discovering him in their belongs on their return home to Laleston on 6 June, the tourist called the RSPCA to see what could be done.

The lizard, around 20cm long, had shed its tail, which is a common defence mechanism for the species, but apart from that, he was in good condition.

The animal is now being cared for at Silent World, which specialises in exotic creatures.

Balkan Green lizards are commonly found in Greece and are well known for their striking green colour.

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*Image courtesy of RSPCA

“After a relaxing break in Kos, the last thing returning holidaymakers would have expected to find amid their belongings was this stunning Balkan green lizard,” said RSPCA inspector Nic de Celis.

“We're really grateful to the callers who contacted us, and safely confined the lizard in their utility room before we came and made the rescue.

“We’ve done a lot of work with the RSPCA previously, and this lizard will join our other exotic species kept at our specialist facilities. We look forward to providing a good home for this lizard, who will support our educational work in the future, raising awareness of reptile wildlife," he added.