25-year-old man tragically dies while trying to save his boat in Nafpaktos

Screen Shot 2019 06 17 at 11.16.15 am

Screen Shot 2019 06 17 at 11.16.15 am

A 25-year-old has tragically died at Kato Vasiliki in Nafpaktos after the young man tried to save his boat, which had been swept away by strong winds at the beach.

According to Nafpaktianews, the man was together with his friend, who called emergency services and other fishermen to try and find the 25-year-old who quickly disappeared after swimming in the rough sea in order to save his boat.

After a huge search was underway to locate the man, he was eventually found unconscious at Limnopoula Beach, where he received first aid but unfortunately died at the scene.

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*Source: Nafpaktianews.gr