New toxicology tests reveal Australian Instagram model Sinead McNamara, who mysteriously died in Kefalonia in August last year, was clear of consuming alcohol or drugs when she passed away.

The 20-year-old died in Kefalonia onboard the luxury yacht she had been working on for months. The model was, in fact, finishing her final day on the luxury US$140m Mayan Queen IV when she reportedly died while being flown to hospital.

The $200 million superyacht is owned by billionaire businessman Alberto Baillères, who left the boat 48 hours before Ms McNamara’s body was found.

Investigators told media that a crew member found Ms McNamara hanging on the rear deck of the vessel.

The Greek coroner officially ruled Sinead’s late-night death as suicide, however, her family pleaded for further investigation into her death.

The new toxicology tests carried out by the Coroner of Piraeus Elias Bogiokas reveal the young woman was “clean” of any substances, telling there was no drugs, alcohol or even some kind of medication found in her system that might perhaps give some explanation to her death.

“The 20-year-old girl’s toxicology tests were clear. The girl did not drink alcohol, she did not take any medication, and no drug was found,” Bogiokas told

The delay in the results of the toxicological tests also remain unclear and Bogiokas said he only received the samples for testing 20 days ago.

The McNamara family said they still strongly believe there are “strange” elements to the events on the yacht before her death and what happened during those 48 hours before she died.