Jennifer Aniston’s new film breaks ratings record

00 story murder mystery

00 story murder mystery

Greek American actress Jennifer Aniston and popular actor Adam Sandler’s new film ‘Murder Mystery' broke Netflix's ratings record, as the comedy has been viewed from 30,869,863 accounts over three days, making it the biggest opening weekend for a Netflix original movie ever.

According to Netflix, 13,374,914 accounts viewed the movie in the US and Canada and 17,494,949 accounts were registered from elsewhere in the world.

A tweet was sent out Tuesday afternoon by Netflix Is A Joke, with a Netflix spokesperson later confirming that the numbers tweeted were accurate, and clarified that Netflix only counts views if members finished at least 70% of a film.

According to reports, Netflix signed a four-movie deal with Sandler in 2015 and then extended the contract for another 4 movies in 2017. Netflix’s deals with Sandler came at a time when his movies weren’t drawing in huge crowds at movie theatres, however, if these latest numbers are any indication, Aniston and Sandler are still drawing huge audiences on the small screen.

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