Alternate Environment and Energy Minister, Sokratis Famellos has stated that the stakes in the national elections on July 7 were different to those in the European elections, while attending a presentation for the anti-flooding protection of the Evros river basin in the northeastern Greek city of Alexandroupolis on Wednesday.

“On July 7, the Greeks will be called to decide on the government – not about their fears or their protest over what they went through in past years. Not for Europe but for Greece. On July 7, the ballots will be empty and we will start from the beginning to decide for our future. The question is very simple: whether we will continue to create and overcome the state of political and economic bankruptcy left by previous New Democracy and PASOK governments and whether we will have the opportunity to prosper,” he said.

“Greece is stronger in Europe and in the Eastern Mediterranean,” Famellos added,  referring to the very strong alliances forged in the south and in Europe.

“This will be apparent in the decisions that will be reached in the following days by the European Council against our neighbours (Turkey) who are carrying out illegal actions within Cyprus’ EEZ,” he continued.