Famous Nusr-Et Restaurant in Mykonos caught tax evading

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The restaurant of 'The Sexy Butcher of Istanbul', Salt Bae has been suspended for 48-hours from Wednesday following an investigation by the Independent Authority for Public Revenue (IAPR) of the Hellenic Republic.

According to sources, auditors were found in the Nusr-Et restaurant on Tuesday night, and remained there until the early hours of the morning. The audit revealed that the company had not issued 34 receipts, of a total value of 25,800 Euros.

The former Turkish butcher, now big businessman Salt Bae become a global sensation through social media due to his special way of 'salting meats'.

Nusr-Et, Salt Bae's steakhouse restaurant opened up a week ago in the former Casa Tu in Mykonos' Chora, an idyllic spot overlooking the whole island and the glamorous Aegean Sea.