Greek authorities set to 'crack down' on tourists being ripped off   



Greek authorities are cracking down hard on restaurants across the country that have a reputation of “ripping-off” tourists, following numerous complaints from international visitors.

Following negative media coverage worldwide, after an American tourist took to TripAdvisor warning others that he had been charged 836 euro for 6 servings of calamari and 6 beers at a seaside tavern in Mykonos, Greece’s finance ministry has confirmed that around 50,500 raids will be conducted by undercover tax inspectors over the next few weeks.

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Many visitors to popular Greek islands including Mykonos, Santorini, Crete, and Rhodes have been complaining they are not receiving menus, while others say they are being offered ‘fake deals,’ as they are given free access to sunbeds on the beach and then paying very high prices for the beverages.

Inspections will extend to all types of businesses in Greece, from hotels and the providers of water sports activities and beach loungers to nightclubs, cafes, taverns, and tour operators.

Undercover officers have already targeted a number of businesses and suspended operations in Mykonos over the weekend due to tax evasion.

American tourist charged 836 euros for calamari and beer in Mykonos