Belgian man donates medical equipment to Corfu Hospital, after receiving treatment

Screen Shot 2019 06 28 at 10.44.24 am

Screen Shot 2019 06 28 at 10.44.24 am

A man from Belgium has donated two medical ultrasound scanner units to the cardiology clinic of the Corfu General Hospital "Agia Eirini," after he was a patient at the hospital in 2018 with a life-threatening condition, and wanted to show his appreciation to all the staff who cared for him.

A third ultrasound scanner was donated to the hospital's Kidney Clinic by the Port Authority of Corfu (OLKE).

"The donations were made by two different bodies and people. They are very important because they renew the infrastructure of the General Hospital of Corfu with the equipment we did not have," said Corfu Hospital Director Fivos Kakavitsas during an equipment reception event.

"I am very happy, as the project we started a year and a half ago - with the donation of a kidney unit, blood pressure monitors and other equipment needed to support the General Hospital of Corfu - continues today with the ultrasound scanner, which is the penultimate donation on behalf of OLKE," said Spyros Stefanidis, chairman of OLKE.

Several regional officials, including doctors, local government officials, and MPs attended the event which celebrated the donations, valued at over 100,000 euros.