Greece’s main opposition, New Democracy (ND) party leader Kyriakos Mitsotakis sent a “loud and powerful message across the country,” during his speech at his main pre-electoral rally at Thission, in Athens, on Thursday evening, saying “on Sunday we vote and on Monday we turn a page.”

Mitsotakis said the main opposition party is “the widest possible patriotic political movement among all Greeks,” and added that his party is ready to express “all those who seek certainty and progress,” and that ND is “ready to take on this responsibility.” He added, “We know the way, we know how to propel the country forward.”

He asked Greek citizens to give him the strength to serve the country and “unite all Greeks,” as he said, “armed with the truth and a daring, yet realistic plan.”

Criticising the SYRIZA government, Mitsotakis said that “they came to power with lies, they governed in arrogance and with unprecedented incompetence, and they are now leaving without having fully understood why Greeks are showing them the way out.”

He added that ND links growth with rising wages and that these will grow in tandem with the GDP growth. He added that “the minimum wage will grow at double the rate than the growth rate, so that in three years’ time it may reach 730 euros” per month, from the current 550 euros. His program, he stressed, is aimed at “reviving the country’s backbone, the middle class.”

Mitsotakis underlined that he intends to “change the new Penal Codes legislated by the outgoing (SYRIZA) government,” because these “provide for the opportunity of an early release of convicted murderers, including the November17 terrorists.”
Wrapping up ahead of Sunday’s general elections, the New Democracy leader said that “there is no room for lost votes on Sunday, nor for adventures and experiments which we will regret tomorrow,” and added that “it is the time of responsibility, engagement, and participation.”

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Posted by Kyriakos Mitsotakis on Thursday, 4 July 2019