U2’s lead singer Bono visits Greek island of Hydra 3

U2’s famous lead singer Bono is currently visiting the Greek island of Hydra, posting photos on his social media pages.

The Irish superstar is accompanied by his wife Ali, his children and friends, and took a photo in front of Leonard Cohen’s home.

They uploaded the photo on the band’s official Instagram account with the well-known lyrics written by Cohen.

“Like some birds on a wire
like some drunks in a midnight choir
We have tried in our own way to be free’
Hewson family and friends after a pilgrimage to Leonard Cohen’s house in Hydra – Bono” said the caption.

The singer is a huge fan of Cohen and explained they went for a “pilgrimage” to Cohen’s home, while the message is accompanied by the verses of the song “Bird on the Wire.”

U2’s lead singer Bono visits Greek island of Hydra 4

Hydra was the famous musician and poet’s spiritual and physical home in his 20s, and many places here are still tied to his presence, which is a source of pride for the locals, who are always honouring him.

Cohen, who died in  2016, had bought the 19th-century house in Hydra in September 1960. From 2017 onward, the street where the house is located has officially taken his name.