Greeks abroad voice their opinion about being denied voting rights in upcoming election

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Representatives of Greek communities abroad have written a letter to Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras, condemning their lack of voting rights in the upcoming elections.

In the joint letter, the Greek communities of Brussels, Germany, Amsterdam, Malta, Norway, Iceland and the Greek association of students on Cyprus said they had asked for "the recognition of a right that should be self-evident, the right to vote in these national elections from our place of residence.”

In January, Tsipras had pledged that his government will put forward legislation before parliament to allow Greeks residing abroad to vote.

The letter continued to state that Tsipras did not keep the promise and they "feel cheated."

"It was within your control to grant the right to vote to all Greeks abroad from their place of residence. Without excuses, without delays, without loopholes,"  wrote. "That would have been truly fair. But you did not do it," the letter concluded.


*Source- Ekathimerini