Exploring Poros, the Saronic Gulf’s hidden secret

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Poros Greece
Poros town Greece

There is an island in the Saronic Gulf, which is somehow misunderstood. Hydra and Spetses are the most popular, whilst Poros quietly lies near them, remaining real, authentic, simple and not willing to change.

Poros is a small Greek island in the southern part of the Saronic Gulf and an ideal break from the city. It’s located only 58 km from Piraeus, which means less than an hour by high-speed ferries, also called flying dolphins.

I recently visited the island for the second time, and I rediscovered its charm.

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Let’s explore it together!

Poros is comprised of two islands; the smaller Sfairia and the larger Kalavria. Imagine two islands coming together and ‘producing’ Poros.

Once you disembark, you cannot help but notice the Clock Tower, which is the island’s landmark. It was built in 1927 and if you’re up for it, climb the hill; the views will reward you!

Take a stroll around the port, explore the cute alleys, say hello to the kind store owners and grab some bites at one of the restaurants. The views from the port with the imposing neoclassical buildings can easily be compared to a post card.

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Where to swim

Head to Monastiri beach, a small sandy beach near the Monastery of Zoodochos Pigi and Askeli beach, a long sandy bay which is the most popular.

If you want to swim surrounded by pine trees, then go to the Love Bay.

One more beach that lies among pine and eucalyptus trees, is the Megalo Neorio, a bit far from Poros town, but totally worth it if you want to take a dive into green-painted waters.

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Where to eat

I tried Mourtzoukos tavern and I loved it. Meat specialties, delicious appetizers, and traditional dishes!

For fish bites, head to Naftis tavern, in the port.

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What to see

Although a small island, Poros has a lot to offer cultural and archaeological enthusiasts:

The Monastery of Poros lies upon a pine forest and it was founded in 1720. The Temple of Poseidon was built in the 6th century BC. The Archaeological Museum in Koryzi Square has a significant interest as it hosts artefacts from the Temple of Poseidon, findings from the ancient Troezene and from excavations in Methana.

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Lastly, don’t miss walking around the island just before the sun sets. It’s this magic hour that makes everything so beautiful! Wander around and enjoy the lovely bougainvilleas, the whitewashed houses, the little churches and the tiny stores in the alleys. Also, if you enjoy walking, then do this path: Monastiri-Askeli-Poros Town. It’s less than an hour and during the golden hour, it’s delightful!

Poros still keeps its sense of remoteness, especially when compared to the cosmopolitan Hydra and Spetses. But maybe it’s for the best, as it maintains its authenticity and mystery.

*Images by Maria Petropoulou (Copyright) main image by The Crazy Tourist 

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