American scientist found dead in Crete was dragged in cave after her death, police say

Suzanne Eaton

Suzanne Eaton

A murder inquiry has been launched by the authorities in Crete of the American scientist Suzanne Eaton who was discovered in a cave used as a Nazi bunker during World War II.

Her body was found 10 kilometres away from where she had last been seen and where the search operation was concentrated, by two locals visiting the cave complex.

Greek authorities have stated that the autopsy revealed that Suzanne was asphyxiated and that her body which was found deep inside the cave had been covered by a large wooden pallet in an attempt to hide it. It is also believed that her body was dragged there after her death.

Due to decomposition, further laboratory tests have been undertaken with the results expected to come back within one week.

The Max Planck Institute and its staff offered their "most sincere condolences to Suzanne's family" stating they will forever remember an "extraordinary scientist so caring and so devoted to her family and friends ad so beloved by us all."

It was the well-known scientist's fifth time at the international conference which took place at the Orthodox Academy’s premises in Kolymbari, Chania.