GCT Exclusive: Sparks Fly on the 4th July for Sabo Skirt's Thessy & Husband Georgio

Sparks Fly on the 4th July for Sabo Skirt's Thessy & Husband Georgio

Greek-Australian Sabo Skirt Co-Owner Thessy Kouzoukas and Georgio Batsinilas made their dreams come true on July 4 as they became husband and wife in a simple yet magical ceremony and reception in Kythera, Greece. 

It was love at first sight for the couple 16 years ago when they met at church during Greek Easter.  As they say good things take time, and it took until 2014 for the paths of Thessy and Georgio to finally align. Various circumstances kept the now married couple from being together but here they are today; married and watching their miracle 11 month old daughter Zani grow.

Love always finds it way…

Friends and family of the couple travelled to the breathtaking location of Kythera where the couple ensured that all of their guests experienced the true beauty of the island by gathering at their favourite beaches and locations.

2019 07 Georgio ThessyWed 27 1

2019 07 Georgio ThessyWed 28 1

The traditional Greek Orthodox Ceremony was held at Saint Minas in one of the oldest villages of the island, Logothetianika. Thessy was accompanied by her parents and daughter as she proceeded through the village to the church where she met Georgio.  Friends and family cheered and applauded the couple and some even followed the tradition of firing guns into the air in celebration. The sounds of the laouto and violin filled the church as as the couple entered.

2019 07 Georgio ThessyWed 21 1

2019 07 Georgio ThessyWed 22 1

Thessy, who thanks to Georgio’s Fitazfk fitness program has lost 23 kg since her pregnancy,  looked amazing in her dream custom made Leah Da Gloria dress. Her hair and make up was by Joanna Luhrs @jo_my_god. By her side, her four bridesmaids including Sabo Skirt co-owner Yiota Kouzoukas, wore custom designed Sabo Skirt bridesmaid dresses.

2019 07 Georgio ThessyWed 57

2019 07 Georgio ThessyWed 77

Following the ceremony, the guests were welcomed at the Windmill Resort where they enjoyed drinks, shisha and the soulful sounds of Spyros Giangiotis who was accompanied by a local band.

The rustic-themed outdoor ceremony was put together by Greek-Australian Pauly Kotis @paulykotis.  Florals and styling were thanks to Pauly Kotis, Stylised Australia, Sketch & Etch Creative and Sabo Skirt. The Windmill Resort in Mitata hosted the just under 200 guests who danced the night away to the tunes played by Rhodes-based, wedding and event Dj Despo Mania @miss_despo_mania. Of course we can’t forget the incredible three-tiered cake which was created by Nicola @for_nicola.

2019 07 Georgio ThessyWed 60

2019 07 Georgio ThessyWed 65

Despite their jam packed few days, GCT got the chance to have a quick chat with Thessy and Georgio to find out more about their love story, the proposal and their honeymoon.

How did you meet? 

T & G: We met as young teenagers, 16 years ago, at our Greek Easter church service.

 What was your first impression of each other?

T &G: We both thought the other was extremely cute!

 What are your favourite things about the bride/groom?

T: My favourite thing about Georgio is his heart. He is the most loyal, trust worthy and pure person you’ll ever meet.

G: My favourite thing about Thessy is her determination.

T: I fought for his love for over 10 years.

In what ways are you most alike?

T & G: We both hold the same values, morals and views. We disagree, of course, on small every day things, but we are very alike in solving our differences with open communication.

 In what ways are you most different?

T: We have very different energy levels. Georgio is extremely energetic and full of life. I am a homebody and love to chill out at home, watch Netflix and spend time with my closest friends. We definitely have worked to meet in the middle.

 How did Georgio propose?

T: Georgio had plans to propose to me at our holiday house in the Gold Coast. Plans changed when my endometriosis played up, and a large cyst burst leaving me bed ridden. Georgio woke up, cleaned our entire house while listening to all of our songs we used to listen to throughout the years. He came back into bed when a particular song came on, he lay next to me and asked me to be his wife. We hugged for about 10 minutes before I responded, “yes!”

What are you looking forward to after your wedding day?

T: I can’t wait for our honeymoon. We will be travelling to Santorini, Mykonos and Milos in Greece.

If you could change one thing about your partner what would it be?

T: I wish he chewed quietly! Haha

G: I would change absolutely nothing.

2019 07 Georgio ThessyWed 49

 Greek City Times wishes the couple a life full of health and happiness and we thank them for allowing us to be part of their special day.

 *Images by Nick Bourdaniotis/ Bourdo Photography (copyright)

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