Naxos airport shuts after airplane accident

Naxos airport shuts after airplane accident 3

A Sky Express aircraft accident occurred on Friday afternoon at around 5 pm on the island of Naxos, resulting in the entire airport shutting down for safety reasons.

According to Naxos Press, there was wrong handling of the Sky Express aircraft, which was out of route and dropped into a ditch. The airline announced that there were no injuries, but the airport was closed for the rest of the day as a precautionary measure.

Naxos airport shuts after airplane accident 4

The plane was carrying 47 passengers who were quickly transferred from the airport to the Cycladic island’s port in order for them to catch the next ferry to Piraeus in Athens.

Due to the accident, Olympic Airway’s flight from Athens to Naxos was cancelled and according to the latest information, authorities have been informed that appropriate equipment to transfer the Sky Express aircraft (ATR 42) is on its way, which will enable the airport to open and operate again in the next few days.

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